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Other Services

Conlon Law offers a number of other services to meet the needs of the public at large. We welcome clients to contact our offices in order to discuss any other legal assistance they may require. We strive to assist clients in any area of the law, if possible and within our area of expertise, alternatively we will be pleased to direct them to the specialised colleagues in our profession who will be able to offer the guidance required.

Recoveries and Foreclosures

We assist various clients in the area of recoveries and foreclosures, including foreclosing on mortgage, notarial or surety bonds, as well as debt collection.

We have a well established Collections Department with many pubic and private schools being clients of ours.

Evictions and Arrear Rental Claims

We are able to assist in evicting tenants who are in breach of their lease agreements, and the collection of arrear rental owing in respect of the lease agreement.

We also assist in evicting unlawful tenants who have taken occupation unlawfully, and not in terms of a valid lease agreement, and further recover damages caused to the property by their unlawful actions.


We are able to assist clients in making informed decisions regarding the solvency of their personal or commercial circumstances. As such we are able to provide the following services: –

  • Liquidations of companies/close corporations
  • Sequestration of personal estates

Real Estate Services

Why choose anyone else, when you can get professional expertise as well as sound legal advice regarding one of the most important decisions of your life: –

  • Property Sales including residential, commercial and farm land
  • Rental Management
  • Property Disputes
  • Drafting of private and commercial lease agreements
  • Removal of Title Deed Restrictions

For more information on our Real Estate Services, visit our Property Page.