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Matrimonial law services from Conlon and Associates

Family Law

C&A offer numerous services related to matrimonial & family law – from antenuptial contracts and advice on matrimonial systems to divorce agreements and litigation.

Property law services from Conlon and Associates

Property Law

We provide an extensive list of services governing rights concerning property – both movable and immovable – from disputes and transfers to sale and acquisition agreements.

Litigation services from Conlon and Associates


Conlon & Associates are able to provide advice on how to protect interests in disputes relating to general litigation, urgent applications, civil and commercial law disputes and claims.

Road accident claims assistance from Conlon and Associates

Road Accident Claims

We are able to provide assistance in obtaining payment of compensation from the RAF for loss or damage caused by the negligent driving of a road user that lead to a road accident.

Personal injury claims assitance from Conlon and Associates

Personal Injury Claims

If you have a claim arising from the myriad of mishaps and incidences that could be caused by the negligent act or omission of another person or legal entity, we can help.

Contracts and agreements from Conlon and Associates

Contracts & Agreements

Conlon & Associates are able to provide advice on the specific contract you will require for any venture or project you might embark on – both commercial and private.

Specialists in road accident, family & property law

Welcome to Conlon Law – providing accessible and affordable legal services throughout the East London area. Although we specialise in High Court Litigation, we have a reputation for our expertise in all aspects of family law, property law, even third party claims involving personal injury and road accident law. We believe that a law firm should not be seen as another obstacle to navigate, but should act as a facilitator to its client’s needs.

At Conlon Law we offer our services as skilled professionals ready to provide legal advice and guidance to our clients, delivering the best information and advice possible, allowing you to make informed decisions at every step of the way. Whether you come to us for road accident or property law matters, insolvency, wills and estate work or family law, you’ll receive our highest standards of legal work at all times.

We have the experience and expertise to act on your behalf whether you’re drawing up a contract or seeking compensation for a personal injury. With an emphasis on accessibility, Conlon Law is a vibrant company that shakes off many of the dusty mannerisms of old-school legal firms and offers a direct, personal approach to all our clients. By cutting through the jargon and presenting you with clear, concise information, we can move your case swiftly and efficiently through the network of red tape that entangles so much of today’s property, deceased estates and family law matters.

Whatever you need us for, whether you have a claim against the Road Accident Fund for a motor vehicle accident, advice on recoveries and foreclosure, or any of our litigation services, we approach each case with our eyes wide open, ready to see the big picture on your behalf. By understanding your needs we can develop a tailored legal solution that addresses all the issues at hand and we’re confident we will exceed your expectations at every level.

Clients come to Conlon Law from across the East London area for our in-depth knowledge of litigation, property law and family law, our handling of road accident and personal injury cases, and our commitment to all our clients, large and small. Call us today and see what we can do for you.